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Rylinn Renaud Scores Box Stock Championship

(September 27th, 2017)……….Heading into the final night of competition for the 2017 season at Cycleland Speedway Rylinn Renaud held a small advantage in the points standings over Seth Standley. Both drivers had stellar seasons but in the end Renaud would come away with his first career Box Stock Championship at the Cycleland Speedway.

The Main Event saw Madeline Swim jump out front and lead the opening lap from her front row starting spot. Youngster Rowdy Gramps though would make quick work of getting to the lead and took over the top spot on Lap 2. For much of the race Rowdy led by a comfortable margin. The battle for second though was great, as Rylinn Renaud had a faster kart than second place driver Seth Standley but just could not find a way past. While those two battled for position they also began closing in on race leader Rowdy Gramps as he had begun to fight through lapped traffic. On Lap 16 Gramps would make one mistake, allowing both Standley and Renaud to pounce and move the #14 kart back to the third position. Over the final four laps Rylinn Renaud continued to hound the #25 of Seth Standley in a battle we have seen many times this season. When they crossed under the Checkered Flag, it was Seth Standley picking up the win by just .181 seconds at the line over Renaud. It was his fourth victory of the season but not enough to overtake the #16 kart of Rylinn Renaud for the Championship. After leading most of the race Rowdy Gramps would have to settle for a third place finish for his 10th top five of the season. Luke Hayes finished off a great 2017 season with yet another top five finish, as he finished fourth. Giving him 14 top five finishes in 2017. The #49 kart of Tater Reich would round out the top five finishers.

In total we saw 16 Box Stock drivers sign into the pit area for the points finale. In Time Trials it was Jennifer Osborne setting fast time for the fourth consecutive race with a lap time of 12.035 seconds. Heat race competition saw two young ladies pick up their first career heat race victories. Madeline Swim picked up the win in Heat Race #1 while Kaylee Burgess picked up the win in Heat Race #2. Burgess’ win was extremely impressive as she was making her Box Stock debut Saturday night.

Trophy Dash competition saw Rowdy Gramps edge Seth Standley to pick up the first Trophy Dash win of his young career at Cycleland Speedway.

Final Points Standings Top Ten 1) 16-Rylinn Renaud – 2678 2) 25-Seth Standley – 2652 3) 14-Rowdy Gramps – 2345 4) 10-Jennifer Osborne – 2318 5) 95-Hank Simmons – 2193 6) 9L-Luke Hayes – 2168 7) 49-Tater Reich – 1379 8) 77C-Carson Stephens – 1359 9) 53-Arron Slightom – 1278 10) 2B-Eric Botelho – 1256

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