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Michael Helwig Caps Off Near Perfect Season With Yet Another Victory, Giving Him 15 Wins in 2017

(September 27h, 2017)……….Paradise, CA driver Michael Helwig put together one of the best, if not the best season ever recorded at the Cycleland Speedway. Helwig won 15 races in 2017 and finished no worse than 3rd all year long. He set Fast Time in qualifying on five occasions, scored four heat wins and four Trophy Dash wins as well. His average Main Event finish in 2017 was a staggering 1.3, far and away better than that of any other driver this season.

Helwig continued his run at the top during the final points race of the season as he started on the Pole and dominated the Main Event, leading all 20 laps en route to win #15 of the season. Alec Justeson finished off the season with a second place effort, his ninth top five of the year. Rookie driver Robert Newcomb scored his best finish of the season with a third place effort. Brian Seim came home in the fourth position. Josh Young finished off a succesful season with a fifth place effort in his #17 kart.

In total we saw 15 Sportsman drivers sign into the pit area for the points finale. In Time Trials it was Nick Prather setting fast time for the first time this season with a lap time of 11.225 seconds. Heat race competition saw Michael Helwig score his fourth heat win of the season. Trophy Dash competition saw Brian Seim pick up his fifth Trophy Dash win of 2017 at Cycleland Speedway. He led all drivers in the Sportsman class in Trophy Dash wins in 2017.

Final Points Standings Top Ten

1) 28M-Michael Helwig – 2670 2) 6-Shawn Fogarty – 2397 3) 20S-Brian Seim – 2390 4) 8K-Kody Hunderman – 2232 5) 16J-Jason Throop – 2119 6) 42J-Alec Justeson – 2071 7) GP3-Robert Newcomb – 1908 8) 17-Josh Young – 1796 9) 83-Jojo Owens – 1780 10) 63L-Leana Kenyon – 1513

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