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Rudger Worley Back On Top at Cycleland

Rudger Worley has been a prominent figure at the Cycleland Speedway for many years. Anyone who has spent any amount of time at the speedway knows of Rudger. He won the Open Track Championship back in 2010 and is always one of the most exciting drivers on the racetrack. Rudger took a step back from racing at the speedway in the last few years, but has partnered with Justin Reinolds and Victory Racing Chassis for the 2017 Cycleland Speedway season. Rudger last won at the speedway back in 2013, but he broke that streak Saturday night during the 2nd points race of the season as he dominated the Open Feature to pick up the big win. It was great to see Rudger back up front racing for the win. Taylor Nelson who opened the season with back to back Fast Time Awards in Qualifying finished a solid 2nd in the Feature. Landon Brooks missed the opening points race but came into the night's event the points leader because his substitute driver Chase Hill won the season points opener. Brooks proved that the #60L belongs at or near the front of the field as he rounded out the podium in the third position. Garrett Brown had another solid night as he finished 4th in the feature and is now 2nd in the points standings behind Brooks after two points races. The top five was completed by young driver Angelo Cornett in the Thunderhill Raceway Park#55x. It was cool to see Angelo have a great run, especially since Thunderhill Raceway Park CEO David Vodden was in attendance Saturday night.

The night began with 16 karts signing into the pit area. In Time Trials it was Elk Grove, CA driver Tyler Brown who piloted the Red Baron Pizza #9 to Quick Time with a lap of 11.037 seconds. Taylor Nelson picked up the lone Heat Race Win. While Landon Brooks picked up the Trophy Dash Victory.

After two points races it is Landon Brooks atop the points standings. That is not 100% accurate because Landon's point total for Points Race #1 will change after he gets a point average of 5 races. The way the substitute rule works at Cycleland can be confusing at the beginning of the season, but usually levels out as the season goes on. As of now though Brooks is scored the points leader. Garrett Brown sits 2nd in the points as he has had two solid nights to begin the season. Taylor Nelson sits 3rd in the points standings, helped in part by his fast time in qualifying during points race #1. Rudger Worley jumped up to the 4th spot in the points standings after being scored last in the season opener due to problems with his kart. Rounding out the top five in the standings is the Oroville Cycle #9W of Kyle Woodcock who has had a very good start to the season as he has shown a ton of speed. He will be a contender at the front this season, no doubt.

We will be back in action at the Cycleland Speedway on Saturday April 29th for Points Race #3 of the 2017 race season. Cars are scheduled to hit the track for Hot Laps at 4:30 P.M. For ticket information and/or directions to the racetrack please visit our website at

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