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Important Track Updates

Due to recent developments and circumstances, we at Cycleland Speedway are putting out this reminder to use caution and personal responsibility during this weekend’s racing and beyond. The fires currently burning in the western foothills have caused the potential for poor air quality in the valley. In years past, we have raced in conditions similar to what we are experiencing now without problem. We are all well aware that we have fires like this nearly every year and it is something that we have all dealt with. That being said, we highly recommend that those who are at risk, do not attend this weekend’s races.

We also need to continue to be strict in practicing social distancing guidelines while at our facility. This includes but is not limited to hand washing, personal protection, and not gathering in large groups. We have been put under pressure by Butte County, so our efforts to comply with the CDC guidelines must be followed with renewed effort. Each person that comes into our facility should have with them a face mask that should be worn in times you are unable to maintain social distancing. Please wash your hands in the provided wash stations or use the provided hand sanitizers throughout the facility. Do not create a crowd when purchasing fuel. Space yourself with at least six feet between you and others in line in the fuel line, during sign ups and at the snack bar.

Unfortunately, for the remainder of the 2020 race season we will no longer be offering Spectator Admission and will be strictly selling Pit Passes. Please note that if you are unable to attend the races due to the air quality or due to the new spectator guideline you can watch each week’s races LIVE at .

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is a small price to pay to keep racing here at Cycleland in 2020. We do this each week for You, the racers. We know everyone in this trying time needs some sense of normalcy. Thank You all for your cooperation and understanding.

- Lowell & Becky Moural


1 Comment

Aug 21, 2020

thank you for everything you do

I need a swing pass and a spectator pass. My little one will be excited when this is over

until then. thank you

Denny Mckinney

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