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Landon Brooks Becomes Youngest Open Champion Ever at Cycleland Speedway

(September 27, 2017)……….13 year old Landon Brooks had one goal in mind at the start of the 2017 season. That goal? To become the youngest Open Champion in the history of the Cycleland Speedway. This past Saturday night, Brooks accomplished that goal as he locked up the Open Track Championship in exciting fashion.

The Main Event saw the Salco Better Energy #1C of Chase Hill jump out front on the opening lap. Hill looked to be well in control of the race as Landon Brooks tried to track him down. With 5 laps to go, it was a two horse race between Hill and Brooks. Hill was rolling the bottom of the racetrack while Brooks was railing the top. Landon kept plugging away on the outside of the racetrack but time and time again Hill would slow his momentum before getting into the corner. When the White Flag flew, the two drivers were nearly side by side at the line. As the pair worked through turns one and two Hill had the better corner and pulled away down the back straight. Going into turn three however, he missed the bottom line by just a little bit causing him to get hung out in the middle of the racing surface. Meanwhile Landon Brooks hit his marks just as he had been and powered around the outside of the track. The two would drag race to the Finish Line with Landon Brooks beating Chase Hill by just .216 seconds at the line. Casey Schmitz finished off the season with a third place effort in his Ed Brown Trucking #35 entry. While Tyler Seavey and Cameron Bartlett rounded out the top five finishers.

In total we saw 19 Open drivers sign into the pit area for the points finale. In Time Trials it was Chase Hill setting fast time for the first time this season with a lap time of 10.733 seconds. Heat race competition saw Cameron Bartlett score his first heat win of the season, while Kyle Woodcock scored his fourth heat race triumph in Heat Race #2. Trophy Dash competition saw Brian Hubert pick up his first Trophy Dash win of 2017 at Cycleland Speedway.

Final Points Standings Top Ten 1) 60L-Landon Brooks - 2470 2) 9W-Kyle Woodcock – 2290 3) 2-Garrett Brown – 2231 4) 35-Casey Schmitz – 2227 5) 9-Tyler Brown – 2023 6) 55X-Angelo Cornet – 1790 7) 17J-Kolby Juarez – 1475 8) 23V-Holly Seim – 1449 9) 21B-Blake Carrick – 1145 10) 56-Brian Hubert – 1093

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