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Outlaw Kart Showcase Purse Released & Sportsman Bonus Details

(August 29th, 2022)…..The 2022 Outlaw Kart Showcase is just 6 days away and excitement is building for what is sure to be an action packed event. With the event moving to 3 days for the first time ever we are sure to see record kart counts in all classes.

The Total Purse for the Outlaw Kart Showcase is at a minimum of $20,000! Which includes payouts to the Top 5 finishers on each of the Prelim. Nights, Payouts to the Top 10 in Tuesday Night’s Feature, & a special “Sportsman Bonus” that is detailed below.

The Box Stock Class will be racing for $750 to Win Tuesday Night’s Feature Event. It’s worth noting that the Box Stock Class will run an identical format to the 250 Int. & Open Classes at the OKS. Meaning we will start 24 karts in the Features & will not have dual Main Events like we’ve done during Points Races this season. On Sunday/Monday Night the drivers in the Box Stock Class will be racing for $150 to Win.

The 250 Intermediate Class will be racing for $1,000 to Win Tuesday Night’s Feature Event. The Sunday/Monday Night Preliminary Main Event Winners will be taking home $250 for their efforts.

In the Open Class, drivers will be racing for $3,000 to Win Tuesday Night’s Feature Event. Keep in mind there is also a $10,000 Back Row Challenge being offered if one of the Front Row Starters on Tuesday Night elects to start at the rear of the 40 Lap Main Event. They would pick up a total of $13,000 for their efforts if they were to make it to the front and pick up the Main Event Win! During the Preliminary Night Main Events, the Open Drivers will be racing for $500 to win each night.

Within the Open Class, we are offering up a “Sportsman Bonus”. The Sportsman Bonus will be paid out to the highest finishing Sportsman Class drivers within the Open Class on Tuesday Night. The Highest Finishing Sportsman driver will earn $500, with the 2nd Highest earning $300, & 3rd Highest earning $200. In order to be eligible to earn the Sportsman Bonus, drivers must meet the following criteria:

- Must declare that they are competing for the Bonus at Registration with Elijah Jones.

- Must not have made more than 5 starts in the Open Class in 2022 at Cycleland.

- Must meet minimum Sportsman Class Weight of 475 lbs.

Below you will find detailed Payout information for each class. We are still in talks to have additional prizes and awards to hand out throughout the event as well so stay tuned to our Facebook Page & Website throughout the week as we continue to update leading into the race weekend.

*****************************************************************************************Note: Information regarding the upcoming Outlaw Kart Showcase - There is NO PRE-REGISTRATION for this event. You will register at the track the day of the event. More information about Registration Times & Start Times will be posted shortly. - We are instituting a One Class Per Driver rule. Meaning a driver may only register to compete in one class for the Outlaw Kart Showcase. - There will be no “substitute drivers” of any kind during the Outlaw Kart Showcase. The driver registered to compete must be the driver behind the wheel any time the registered kart hits the racetrack. *****************************************************************************************



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