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Special Outlaw Kart Event

September 25, 2021 Our Final Points Race of the season
is sure to be spectacular!!

Each Outlaw Kart Class will pay a total of $2,100!

$1000 to win and payouts down to 10th place with $50!

Trophy Dash Winners will receive $50 PLUS lube and cleaning supplies!

Karl Pavlick Jr is donating a specially designed
Deluxe Kart Stand (worth well over $1,000!) to the winner of the
Special Grandpa George Motor Race** 


A Main Clone Event winner will pay $500! 
Payouts down to 10th at $25


In Total OVER $12,000
in Cash & Prizes!

**all OI, Open and Sportsman Karts with Grandpa George Motors qualify
to run the special race.

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