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This week’s Performance of the Week goes out to a young driver whose family has a long history with Outlaw Karts and Cycleland Speedway. Allison Becker earned the Performance of the Week this week as she picked up her first career Outlaw Kart Main Event Win during Points Race #13. Allison is the nine-year old daughter of Outlaw Kart graduate and Sprint Car Superstar Sean “The Shark” Becker.

It appears the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Becker Family as Allison picked up her first career victory in just her 16th start in an outlaw kart. It took Sean 23 races to get his first win, so she is already one-upping her dad early in her career. Racing has always been a family affair for the Becker Family. Grandpa George still does so much around the pit area, helping anyone in need. Delno Becker helps field, and maintain karts for not only Allison, but for his other racing grandchildren Blake and Kaylee Burgess. Daniel Becker still races from time to time at the speedway as well, and Sean Becker is making a rare Cycleland Speedway start tonight during Points Race #14!

Allison has been competing off and on in the Beginner Box Stock Class over the last two seasons, and each week improves more and more. After picking up her first Beginner Box win she has elected to move on to the Box Stock Class, starting this weekend. It is a big jump, but she is looking forward to seeing what she can do in her Steph Curry/Golden State Warriors #30 themed car. We want to wish Allison luck in her maiden voyage in the Box Stock Class, and we hope to see her in Victory Lane again Soon!

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